Wednesday, September 8, 2010


selamat hari raya AIDILFITRI .
eyhh , RABBIT pon nak posing satt ;)

new blog , dude ! i miss my old blog , yeaaa , i forgot my password , okaaay! STUPIDD! here i want to start a new blog , a new storyy andddd maybe more interesting than before . todayy , last ramadhan for this year, 2o1o . kalau boleyy aku nak puasa lagi . ahaaaah, riduu time puasa . tomorrow RAYA AIDILFITRI andd i feel nothing for raya this year . you know what , i have a big big exam after school holiday and i have to focus on that . STUDYYYYY! that what must i do , okaaaay ! hmmmm , berfikir sebentar ... OMG! no idea . that's all for this entry , ahaaaa nak promote blog baru jaa :)